Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Faves!!

It's Random Monday-ness...

All about favorites today.  What are yours?  And feel free to pass on the randomness if you need a post idea!  LOL

-TV Show?
-Thing to wear to bed?
-Kind of shoes?
-Child?  (ha, just kidding. ;) wink wink

Mine are:  Hunger Games, Jennifer Weiner, Sweet Home Alabama, Haven, RED!, tshirt&shorts, flops, and nachos, respectively.



Melissa Marsh said...

Book - Tree of Gold by Rosalind Laker
Author - Daniel Silva
Movie - State Fair
TV Show - Mad Men
Color - Blue
Thing to wear to bed - my ultra comfy nightgown
Kind of shoes - cute 40s style wedges

Janna Qualman said...

Book - The Art of Racing in the Rain
Author - I'll say the one I'm reading now, because she's brilliant: Elizabeth Flock
Movie - Forrest Gump, or maybe The Family Stone
TV Show - Castle (not much TV time for me, but that's the one I make time for)
Color - cornflower blue
PJs - cotton stuff: short/pants and tee
shoes - flip flops!
food - all of it

Yay for randomness!

ChristaCarol said...

Fun! But really hard....these are all current-of-the-moment favorites, will not include favorites from classics.

Book: Fallen
Author: Libba Bray
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
TV Show: Castle
Color: White (yes, it is a color, Crayola made it!)
Thing to wear in bed: NOTHING....bwhahaha couldn't help myself. Sweat pants and a tank.
Kind of shoes: The easy kind to put on
Food: Use to be dark chocolate (mourns) still is but I can't enjoy it as I'll, can't....still dark chocolate.

Oh I like Janna's answer better. I love all food too!

Sharla said...

oooh forgot about Castle. That one will be my fave again when it starts back up!

Kat said...

Book: Just finished=Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series..Loved them.
Author: I can't pick just one
Movie:sixth sence
TV Show: Criminal Minds
Color: Purple, blueie purple, not pinky purple.
Thing to wear to bed: anything comfortable
Shoes:Anything easy to slip on when you're late and running out the door...followed by the easiest to find when you are late and running out the door!
Food: Italian

Lola Marseille said...

Book- The book I'm writing :)
Author- Janet Evanovich
Movie- A Fish Called Wanda
TV Show- Friends
Colour- Purple (currently)
Pajamas- Tank top and shorts
Shoes- Flip flops
Food- PASTA!!!!!! :)