Friday, August 27, 2010

Wordy, verbose, pleonastic and garrulous! Yeah baby!

As writers, we are all in love with words.  And having said that, I found a new dictionary/thesaurus website Wordnik, that just made my little heart go pitter patter.  You may already know about it, but in case you don't, go check it out.  It's actually set up for writers, with comparisons on sentence use. 

Love.  It.

There's a random word of the day.  Today, for example is "Garuda".

Do you know what that is?  Just sitting there...not going to the link first to find out...

Well...  it is a large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

My favorite part is the thesaurus, because I am an obsessive freak about thesauruses.  I use the Word one all the time, but this one is better because of the comparisons and examples.  If I could just find one that had word descriptions of body language and sounds, I'd be complete. 

Go! Go! Go!  If you get all giddy on word sites, you have to go.  Now. can sit there and laugh (or giggle or snicker or titter or chuckle) at me for being the weird girl in the room.  Whichever!  But I'll know what a ratch is and you won't.  Ha.


Linda Hoye said...

Okay, Wordkik has been added to my favorites and I suspect that I'll be visiting the site often. Looks soooo much better than the thesaurus that MS Word provides (and which I am a frequent user of). Thank you for sharing this info!

Linda Hoye said...

Sheesh...I meant Wordnik...not Wordkik!