Wednesday, September 15, 2010

100 Most Mispronounced words

I picked up this link over at Kat Magendie's blog...which had some other gems too, so go over there when you're done here.

100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English  --you have to.  Really.  It's a riot.

Some may remember a while back...several months ago...I expressed a twitch over what a coworker and I called "wordisms".   Our definition of that was when people took common words and twisted them up.  We even made a list in Excel, put it on the shared server, and kept adding to it as we heard new ones.  He's now moved across the state, but we still email each other when we get a new one. 

It's sad, I know.  I'm a nerd.

Some of my extra special most hair-pulling ones come from my own family.  Now granted, I'm from the South, and Texas on top of that, so sometimes that is reason enough.  We do tend to create our own language to fit whatever we need. 

Flustrated     (as in flustered + frustrated.  Pick one)
Digikal        (as in digital....I don't know why)
Getting a dog spaded      (instead of spayed....I admit I used to think it was spaded when I was little...had a mental image of the doctors digging out the baby making parts with a garden spade.)

Anyway...go see this's hysterical.  The comments are great, and you just might learn something!


Kathryn Magendie said...

*laughing* --

Vk makes up words all the time - but I wonder where they come from - I must have heard them from some mee maw or maw maw or some one in my family *haw!*


ChristaCarol said...

This was funny!

I have words I unintentionally mispronounce or makeup. My husband calls them Christaisms. One is Knowledge. I say "No-ledge" Because, hello, KNOW is the first part of the word! ;)

Anonymous said...

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