Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another time-ticking procrastinating day kind of post...

How has your day gone today?

I ask because it is only noon, actually 12:05, and it feels to me like an entire day must have passed and the clock just hasn't figured it out yet.  I'm at work, and not wanting to do work.  I'm procrastinating work, but I know if I were home, I'd probably be procrastinating that too. 

If I were home, I'd start out by writing or actually editing since I've finally finished my paranormal romantic women's fiction.  (Wow, took two whole minutes to write those two sentences it's 12:07 now.)  And then I'd get antsy while editing, listening to TweetDeck tweet at me every time a new twitter post came through, and I'd have to go see what's up because something would catch my eye.  And then I'd tweet back to a few people....if it was Wednesday or Friday, I'd tweet up a whole list of #WW's or #FF's.  Then I'd go back and edit some more.  (12:11 now...needed a glass of water)

Then I'd get some wild idea to maybe blog about, or think I need to blog about....or just feel like it's been too long since I blogged and need something to attach to Twitter when I go back over there to see if anyone retweeted me, so I'd come here and read all your blogs for some inspiration or ideas, and comment, and then end up writing some funk like this because nothing original stuck with me.

(12:15...really that's all?)   Then after I tweeted about my blah blog post, I'd head over to Facebook and scroll through what everyone is doing, because you just never know when that all important sheep might be needed for Farmville.  Then the guilt would hit me that I'm wasting precious time that should be spent writing, because my writing window of time is so small.  I'd know that the kitchen needed cleaning, dishes needed unloading, laundry needed washing, because (12:19) at 3pm the chaos would ensue, with everyone coming home wanting this and that, and to be taken to various places that require significantly more than a twitch of my nose. 

And that would lead me to see if Bewitched reruns are still playing on channel 42 in the afternoons. 

And now it's 12:21, and I'm wishing to be home to do all that procrastinating, instead of here at work putting off much less fun things.  But at least I got my blogging in!  And now I'll go through this stack of barge paperwork.  Or go downstairs to see what's in the vending machine. 


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Angie Ledbetter said...

LOL. Love it. Go home and make some sopapilla cheesecake! :D