Monday, September 20, 2010

Birdhouse action for a Monday

What did you start your day with?


Birdie porn.

Yep, you read that right.  As in birds.  Copulating.  Fornicating.  Or maybe not really fornicating, since they have paired off lately and so are basically considered "married" I guess in birdie world.

We raise cockatiels...or my husband does actually.  And while I'm around for alot of things, this morning was the first time I actually walked in on the deed being done.  And oh honey, was it being done.  Up on a trapeze bar. 

Starfire and Jazz are their names, and Jazz is kind of young, she's the equivalent of a 16 year old girl in bird years.  We are hoping she can handle the egglaying.  Because...well...she's a teenager!  And she got rode like a bucking bronco today! 

I've seen sparrows do it, I've seen buzzards do it, and it generally is alot of wing flapping.  Never seen cockatiels do it....and it was different.  LOL!!!  Like--human motion kind of different if you get my drift!  Hee!  I felt like I needed to apologize and come back later, but I had to feed them!  And all 8 other birds were standing around watching the show, so if there was any question on how to go about the deed, they shouldn't have them anymore.  They're probably chatting about it all day today, winking at each other and eyeing each other in a new light. 

Had to wait till they were done, and then he hopped off and she shook her feathers out a bit and flew down to eat breakfast...before anyone else.  I was like, "You go ahead, girl, you deserve it!"  Whew!

Called my husband and told him that in case there was any doubt, Jazz wasn't virginal anymore, she's a woman now. 

I didn't even get to have the "talk" with her.  He talked her into it so fast.  Starfire is such a guy.


Melissa Marsh said...

LOL, Sharla!!!!!! I must admit, I don't think I've *ever* seen birds do the deed. And I'm ok with that. ;-)

Kathryn Magendie said...

OMG LAUGHING! well, now I know!

When Angie, her sister, and i were in Mexico Beach - we watched this dove lothario (SP?) go after the female doves; some of them would fly away, but one decided she liked them, and then there was much wing flapping and us going kind of "ewww - huhn, isn't that sweet" LAUGH!

I wanted to say - I LOVE your background of your blog - every time I visit, there is something about it I just really like - makes me feel mysterious, but it's beautiful too, and romantic.

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