Monday, September 6, 2010

How important is that next cup of coffee...really?

Happy Monday holiday off to everyone!!!!  At least I hope it's a holiday off for you.  I'm so excited about being off of work today, I could almost tap dance in my living room.

My dog is too.  Ruby is lying next to me in my recliner, clearly thinking that this is the best plan of all and why didn't my crazy people think of this earlier?  Only problem is now I need more coffee and we are about as snuggled in as it can get.  Soooooo comfy.  I now run the risk of never finding this perfect spot again, and my little old lady dog will give me that know the one.  That "really?" look that says she's tolerating me only because she doesn't have opposable thumbs and therefore needs me to scoop the food out of the bag later.

I do have my cell next to me....because I thought of everything including iPod and blankie and I have all I need within arm's reach...except for the coffeepot.  I could call and wake up my daughter in the next room, and deal with a whole different set of "really?" looks along with probably some choice words that she'd mutter under her breath so she wouldn't get in trouble.  I could call and wake up my husband, too.  But that would really be a bad idea....I have no leverage there and I'd never hear the end of it.  And then he'd stay up and start working on some project, and making noise, and talking, and inevitably need me to go hold something/drill something/hammer something.

And therein lies my dilemma, I love my morning time on the rare days I get it.  I don't want anyone to get up...

Ugh...where is the Jetson's kitchen when you need it?  Sorry, Ruby, memorize your spot, sweet girl.  And mine you can help me get it back.  Coffee is calling.

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Linda Hoye said...

LOL! Loved this and I can SO relate! The call of coffee is hard to resist! I'm sitting in bed with my laptop and a cup of coffee right now. (brought to me by my very sweet husband)

Happy Labor Day!