Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dating your Novel...and other dysfunction

Laughing...laughing...laughing today as I read this post by T.H. Mafi over at Nathan Bransford's blog.  About relationships. 

Not with our spouses or friends or children or pets...but with our secret loves...our manuscripts.  The Nine Stages of Dating Your Novel.  SO FUNNY and so freaking true.  We get all giddy at first by that new idea...which I got today...and that's what made me love this post so much.  It's all consuming!  And it always happens this way...I'm editing my ms and BAM!

New Idea bounces by on one of those jumping balls with handles that you sit on...all shiny and pretty...and I go bouncing after it.  Because suddenly I'm sitting on one of those balls too (a red one of course because even in my delirium it matters).  And it doesn't matter that I'm 43, and not 3, I seem to know how to use the thing and bounce away, not killing myself at all.  I have to...I have to catch New Idea before it gets away! 

(see the red one?  it's mine...back away)

Because it's the best idea ever! 

What if it lands in someone else's sandbox and they get to talking and they have a BLUE ball and New Idea decides it likes blue better than red and stays to play with them? 

That would be criminal!


Okay.  I'm good now.  But that's where I am.  I'm in the shiny new stage that is tugging at me while I'm trying desperately to keep my head in my current ms...because it isn't done yet...still has a ways to go with editing.  Somewhere around stage eight...  Sorry I strayed, my love!  You have my full attention now.  Kinda. 

How about you?  Where are you?


Melissa Marsh said...

I'm still in love with the current manuscript, even though I'm halfway done with it. It's just a story where I am so IN it that I can barely think about other story ideas. Never happened to me before!

bernthis said...

I'm at a place where I keep forgetting it's something i've been wanting to do forever.

angeloup said...

I'm going for either procrastination or expletive right now... Either I can't find time for it or I look at the screen and the mind goes blank. I know where I'm going, I just can't see the path!

Elana Johnson said...

I like the shiny new stage. I wish I was in the stage. I'm in the "I hate writing, I'm quitting." stage. It's dark here. Cold.

Sharla said...

Oh Elana, I feel ya! I'm there too, with revisions and querying...hence why that bouncing red ball looks sooooooo GOOD!