Thursday, October 14, 2010


Those of you that know me well...know I have a certain fondness for RED.

It's yummy...plain and simple.  So today I thought I'd devote my post to all things RED in my life.  There are many.  Just ask my husband.  I buy him red shirts but he won't wear them.  He hates red.  Can you just imagine? 

my camera/camcorder
(isn't it cute?)

 My coffee cup I bought on our
honeymoon in 2006 in Vegas at
Treasure Island where we stayed.

Bull and bullfighter my mother bought in
San Antonio on their 1950.
It's now on top of my hutch.

My writing notebook...or all of them
actually...I have 6 of them all the same
all red, and I have them numbered.


My coffeemaker...I love my coffeemaker.
It was the first thing I bought when we got
our new granite countertops.

My phone....cover.  Took the pics with
my phone so I was kinda using it.  So I
took the cover off for proof... I love my red

My's the third red one
I've had.

My tea pot...use it every day...Paula Deen pot
and of course...RED.  Don't look too closely at
my stove...eek.

Little red bowls...they really serve no
purpose other than to make me happy!

If my iPod would have come in red, I would have bought it.  It didn't, so I got green.  Never had a red purse...I'm not a change-with-the-outfit kind of girl, so it would not have been practical. 

So...what is YOUR fetish?  Share!


Kathy Holmes said...

My kinda girl - woo hoo! Just like the women in my novel, "Real Women Wear Red." lol! Love it!

Can you believe I'm wearing a red top with my red glasses as I type this?

Sharla said...

Woot!! You're my hero!

Melissa Marsh said...

I'm more of a blue gal (though I do have two red dresses and a pair of red shoes!).

Travis Erwin said...

I sure hope the red clad Cornhuskers whoop the Longhorns this Saturday.

Go Big Red.