Thursday, November 11, 2010

What do you write?

What do you write?

Simple question, theoretically.  But it can get hairy.  I read on AgentQuery that it can be like asking someone where they are from.  If you grew up in Derry, Maine and never left, then the answer is easy. 

If you were born in Alaska, moved to Canada when you were twelve, moved again to Kansas City, Missouri to go to college, stayed there till you were 26, then moved to Florida, where you met your husband and stayed till the kids were born, but then your parents moved from Canada to Corpus Christi, TX and you wanted the kids to be closer to them so you moved your whole family to Texas.....deep breath....exhale.....

Then where are you from?

What you write, and in what genre can be like that.  And it is for me.  Leave it to me to not fall neatly into a standard slot.  I write women's fiction with paranormal elements, with romance but it's not a romance, maybe magical realism but there's no magic.  Think Ghost Whisperer meets Hope Floats.

What do you write?  What genre nametag can you put on your current work?

And just for fun...what's your tagline?

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Amanda said...

One of my CP's writes a mish-mosh of sorts. She simply calls it paranormal women's fiction :)

It's hard though, to convey genre. When I tell people I write urban fantasy I get a lot of blank stares followed by head nods and, "oh!" But some of my projects are paranormal romance as well, so that opens another can of worms. It's sort of like having people ask outright, "So, what are your religious/political views?"