Thursday, February 24, 2011

Steve Perry was all that...but what's your journey?

Women's Fiction is about  journey

Not that one.  LOL

 this one would be nice, wouldn't it?

Not necessarily a physical get-in-the-car-and-drive-with-kids-hollering kind of journey, although it could be.  We all have them, we all live them.  We all have personal issues and titanic-worthy baggage, relationships that succeed and fail, kids that we love and don't always like, moments of absolute precious joy, and moments of complete devastation.

Those who are drawn to reading women's fiction are pulled to it for very individual reasons, and I'm curious what your reasons are.

Do you love books that are like you?  That you can relate to and feel like someone is walking with you?

Do you prefer books that are edgier, taking you to where you WISH you could be?

Do you long for the romance in a book, something that will transport you?

Do you love the escape and whimsy of real life mixed in with a little magic or supernatural...something that you wish could really happen?

Or do you like it hardcore?  Straight and real with no fluff.  Those kids in the

I'm curious what drives your reading choices...tell me what captivates you!


randine said...

I like a little bit of everything, but lately I've been drawn to darker books rather than the breezier books I usually read. Kid dying of cancer? Ima buy that book. Being held captive and forced to bear your captive's baby? Ima buy that book, too. I like books that answer the question "How could you ever survive something like that?"

Travis Erwin said...

I look for books that are human. With flawed characters who possess jittery emotions and or peculiar but believable motivations.

I think women's fictions is the genre that does this best but I still contend the genre name is a misnomer.

To me they are simply books about life.

Kathryn Magendie said...

As long as the character has me following them wherever they are going, I will read just about anything!

how're you feeling these days?