Friday, March 4, 2011

If a ghost is talking, I want the transcript

Did you watch Ghost Whisperer when it was running? I did…I was a big fan…and I guess a bit of my writing inspiration. I love the thought of seeing and communicating with spirits.

Even wayyyyyyy back…remember The Ghost and Mrs. Muir?  I LOVED this show as a kid.  Couldn't get enough.

But when you’re watching TV, do things bug you? Give you a twitch? Do you want it to go somewhere it won’t go, or wish it would quit doing something annoying?

I ask that because….say on Ghost Whisperer….

It drove me up a tree that on every…single…episode… when it came time for her to explain to the person what the spirit was trying to say before they went “into the light”, she’d change up the words.


I mean, if my dead loved one is talking to somebody, I’m going to want a play-by-play, word-for-word narrative. I want to know what they're wearing, what they look like, voice inflection and tone and everything…because well, hell, it’s kind of the last time I’m going to hear from them, right? Well, except for before they died and I thought THAT was the last time. Yanno?

If my dad says “I miss you, and your mom and I think the kids are so funny, and your husband’s new business is cool, and we always believed your writing would take off one day.”

And my medium just says, “Your dad says he’s proud of you.”

What the heck? I want the details! And that’s what she would do EVERY TIME! I wanted to jump in that TV and say, “Wait! There’s more!” Rrrrggh.  What was that writer thinking?  I'm sure they were thinking they didn't want the repetition, but it didn't work for me.

So what pet peeves do you have with TV shows?


Genevieve Wilson said...

What??? I thought I was the only person who was bugged by that! I hate it when a series finale has a stupid ending. Medium? WTH was that?

Melissa Marsh said...

I don't watch enough t.v. to have pet peeves, I suppose (translated: I don't have cable!).

I do love, love, love the movie, The Ghost and Mrs. Muhr with Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney. So romantic...

Dawn Alexander said...

I hate info dumps in TV shows. I remember watching some cop show about a drunk driver. At one point one of the cops walked into the captain's office and started a "casual" conversation about "you know, since I came on shift an hour ago and _____ (number of people) have been killed since then. By the time, I leave in seven hours ____ people will have died by a drunk driver..."

No one talks that way!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh gawd, I have so many *laugh* but then again, I suppose people have pet peeves about writers and our books, too... ungh...

but, laugh tracks - please don't tell me when I should be laughing. But, worse I hate "mood music" that seems to want to tell me what I should be feeling at that moment - the sad music that doesn't blend with the moment, but instead rubs against the fur of me.

and what you said, too! though I haven't seen ghost whisperer.