Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Women Who Write Wednesday!

It's Women Who Write Wednesday again!

And this week's spotlight goes to two women I met while at the DFW Writer's Conference last month.  Love and miss you both!!

Candie Leigh over at Addicted To Words writes YA fantasy, and has just made the most important decision of her writing career.  To start over.  Yes, you read that right.  Those words that strike fear in our hearts.  But she's making the smart choice to do the best thing for her beloved story.  To start from the beginning and write it better.  Go leave her a comment and support her!

Dawn Alexander at Writer In Waiting is a school teacher by day and romantic suspense writer by night.  She also does a really cool Tell Me Your Story Tuesday feature on her blog where she interviews up and coming authors.  Go check her out.



Anonymous said...

It's three of my favorite people all in one blog!
I am the fourth member of the DFWcon fantastic Five, with our darling little Lindsay Cummings as the fifth.
All three of these ladies, Sharla, Candie and Dawn are terrific writers, and even more importantly, they are great friends.
I feel like we all made a connection at the conference that will last a long time. It is such a blessing and a comfort to have friends like these, who understand what writers go through, and to be able to lean on each other, support each other and cheer each other on.
Thanks girls!
I'm giving you a big ole buttload of hugs right now :)

Anonymous said...

PS- I'm just figuring out this google friend, and connect to each other's blog thing. I have 2--count them, 2 friends on Google now. Sad state of affairs, huh? LOL!
If you want to be my buddy- come see me at

Candie Leigh said...


What a sweet surprise!

I am blessed to know you and sad that we don't live closer.

Thank goodness for twitter and blogger!

Cheers my friend,


PS Dawn and Janet, you both rock too! I miss you all. We'll have to get the gang together again soon. I need a reason to buy new shoes. :-)

Dawn Alexander said...

Ahh, thanks for including me, Sharla!
I miss y'all, too!. Candie is right, we need another reason to buy new shoes!

LindsayWrites said...

yayyy I love these ladies!! =]

and hey i'm the darling little lindsay cummings lol. =]