Monday, April 18, 2011

Five Word Fiction - Let's Play!

A while back...kind of a long while...but within memory limits...there was a fun activity floating around.  And I want to play again. 

The game is to pick five words randomly from the dictionary and incorporate them into a flash fiction piece (under 1000 words).  Not hand choosing the words, but flipping through the pages with eyes shut, putting your finger down and voila!  There's your word.

Here are my words today.

> Sensitive

> Temperature

> Certify

> Combination

> Mottle

This week I'll use them to write something up...something very short and not time consuming (remember this is for fun) and I'll post it Friday.

Good exercise for your brain, having to use words not normally in your pool, and a little break from what else you may be working on.

Got the idea at my friend Janna's blog Something She Wrote.  Hop over there and see which words she's using.  I linked up to her.  If you'd like to play, feel free to link up to me and/or post the details on your own blog, and we'll share the fun.  If you do, come tell me...I want to see your words! 



Janna Qualman said...

Really looking forward to this, Sharla! Thanks for joining in.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I wish I could remember these things when I go to post - but I forget then don't remember again until I visit the blog where it was started - DANG IT!

Enjoyed Janna's; looking forward to yours!