Friday, April 15, 2011

My God, I Want That Giraffe!

I was talking to someone on Twitter the other day about the DirectTV commercials...  Are you even aware there ARE DirectTV commercials?  Let me ask you another way.  Know about the tiny giraffe commercials?

Yeah.  Now you're with me.

  We were saying how interesting it is that the commercials do nothing to make me want DirectTV.  But by God, I want that giraffe!!

There's a website called Petite Lap Giraffes from Russia where there's a supposed webcam on the tiny giraffe farm, claiming they are genuine and all about what they eat and how they like bubble baths in purified water.  My 21 year old son was determined.  I think he would have gone all the way to Russia to get one.

Are they real?  (<---click there to find out)

No matter!  I still love the commercials...what a buzz they've caused! 

Goes to show what you can do with a little ingenuity and a fresh idea, huh?  What about your stories, your characters, your plotlines?  I think it's all in the fresh twist.  After all, giraffes have been around since the Ark, we've seen them forever, but shrink one down on TV and the whole world goes wiggy for them.

       Fresh idea!

                    New twist!

Now, go make your own Petite Lap Giraffe and set the world on fire!!


Patricia said...

Okay, now I want to watch DirectTV just to see the dang giraffe! You've hooked me! And, yes, that's what we have to do with our books - hook people. Nothing's written that hasn't already been written, THEY say; however, we can take "whatever" and give it a new twist and turn, as you said, and make it interesting because of the way WE write it.
Love this, Sharla - makes me think......

fOIS In The City said...

Funny post, Sharla. My warped brain being what it is ... the first thing I thought of when I heard Russia was scam. They are almost as famous for scams as the Nigerian money pyramid. "You give me one million and you make one hundred million! Honest to true."

So instead of thinking how adorable and cute the giraffe was I immediately thought of carnival tricksters, grifters, and a Russian smiling and telling me, "But darling, you only need one thousand US and I give you ten million rubles."

I'll stop now and go twist something before they put me in a rubber room :)

Amanda said...

Okay, so I REALLY want one of those itty bitty giraffes too! CUTE! I wish they were real ;)

Janie Emaus said...

I'll have to pay attention next time I see a Direct TV commercial.