Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hear Ye Hear Ye...My Name is Taloolabelle

Okay maybe not....

But as of today, I'm choosing a pseudonym to write under, and I didn't want my followers to scratch their head in confusion over this new Sharla person... who is Sharla Lovelace?

It's my maiden name.  Scroggs being a "rough" sounding name...(you know how those Germans are) editor and her higher-ups felt that it would be too difficult to sell in the romance genre...especially as a new author.  So...I'm still me.  Just publishing under Sharla Lovelace, which obviously is quite soft sounding.

And...yeah.  No jokes.  Heard them all, I promise.  :)

I will change Twitter and Facebook to reflect it, no changes for you there.  Not sure about Blogger though.  I've changed my profile and all, but the address to get you here is sharlascroggs.  Do I have to start over?  Eeek!  Anyone know?

On the positive front... My new book title is THE REASON IS YOU, and the cover is with the art department now.  Isn't that exciting?  Lovvvvvve it.

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Melissa Marsh said...

So excited for you, Sharla!!!