Thursday, May 26, 2011

There's A Teenager In My Bathroom...

This early Thursday morning I'm sitting in my recliner with my coffee, waiting for teenage girl to get out of the bathroom.  I may be here a while.  It's a dragging kind of morning where even my old lady dog that usually shares this chair with me, decided to stay in her bed.  She won't come out till I start making toast in a bit, then she'll climb out and stretch and go through all her gyrations of getting up...which I know and understand too come get her morning piece of toast.

Assuming I ever get the bathroom back to get ready for work, I do have a few minutes. Not enough time to write...but enough time for this. 

Which made me want to pose the question.... what time of day do you write, and what is your schedule?

I work full time so I get to write between 5pm and 8pm every night, depending upon what life brings and what I have to cart my daughter around to do.  Most nights it's more of a 7-8 thing.  Weekends I try to get up early and get a good 5-6 hours in before noon while the house is still relatively quiet.

What's your schedule?

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Leslie said...

I have a full time job as well but it's a more concentrated shift: seventeen hour shifts on the weekends. You would think this is an ideal schedule for a writer, but complicate it with sheer exhaustion and an active family and it becomes less so.

I've recently discovered, though, that the hours between 3-6 am are magic. My brain is too lulled for the editor to kick in and the words fly (some even keepers!)

I'll send you a silent cheer on the weekends, Sharla, "write, write, write!"