Friday, May 13, 2011

They Are Red...Enough Said...

So have you seen my Mothers Day gift?  You haven't?  Well, you must.

I know...not supposed to get appliances for gifts...but......well let me back up to that.

Craziness ensues in groups. 

Hubby's boat motor rolled over and died the other day.  Little feet were up, rigor-mortise style.  Now for any of you with hubbies like know that there is no way on this water-rich planet that we were going without a boat.  We live two blocks from a river. 


So we went and shopped boat motors.  Translation:  I stood next to hubby staring at motor after motor that all looked alike but clearly did majorly different things.  And he got a shiny new boat motor with a shiny new prop and cables and...whatever else came with it.  It's sweet.

Two days later...two days before Mothers Day... My dryer died.  Granted this is our second dryer and it was 60 years old when someone gave it to us when the LAST one died 5 years ago.  We'd said for a couple of years now that one day we'd get front loaders.  And me being me....I wanted the RED ones.  *evil laugh* 

Well, that was all a pipe dream till Granny Grindalot Dryer kicked the bucket, and it was either find another to make do...or

Yeah.  That's right.  They're mine.  They're RED.  They have digital everything, a Play/Pause button (I'm not kidding), I swear it's like putting your clothes in a computer and clicking Enter.  They light up like an airplane cockpit.  And they sing.  Little tunes that mean different things.  *grins over cuteness*  And the really cute part?  You can program in your settings as favorites, and when you push it...a HEART comes up!  And with all the money we'd spent and the fact that I do get giddy now every time I do laundry...I allowed it to be called Mother's Day.

Okay...back to the craziness.

What now?  My bathroom sink...died.  Or choked on something.  It has standing water now and does nothing, and it all happened the night of Mother's Day, where the day before it was perfectly fine and suddenly not... hmmmm... 

So now I have to go crawl on the bathroom floor and empty out all the cabinets so that when Hubby gets home from work he has more room to curse.  And pull pipes apart. 

I blame his boat motor.  It started it.

How are your appliances today?


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Candie Leigh said...

Love the new W/D Pretty!

While my hubby's deployed, we're living in our RV and we had a toilet issue recently.
Most RV's only have the one. They have a pedal to step on and flush and when the cable inside the pedal breaks... well you can imagine the fun we had with that. Two repairs later, we gave up and now I have a beautiful new "hand flush" toilet. :-)