Thursday, June 16, 2011

All About the Red Today...Again

Those of you that know me well...know I have a certain fondness for RED.

I posted this last year sometime, but today I felt that RED needed to be celebrated.  Again.  Because now I have more.

It's yummy...plain and simple. So today I thought I'd devote my post to all things RED in my life. There are many. Just ask my husband. I buy him red shirts but he won't wear them. He hates red. Can you just imagine?

my camera/camcorder

(isn't it cute?)

My coffee cup I bought on our honeymoon in 2006 in Vegas at Treasure Island where we stayed.

Bull and bullfighter my mother bought in San Antonio on their 1950.

It's now on top of my hutch.

My writing notebook...or all of them actually...I have 6 of them all the same all red, and I have them numbered.

My coffeemaker...I love my coffeemaker.  It was the first thing I bought when we got our new granite countertops.

My phone....cover. Took the pics with my phone so I was kinda using it. So I took the cover off for proof...

My's the third red one I've had.

My tea pot...use it every day...Paula Deen pot and of course...RED. Don't look too closely at my stove...eek.

Little red bowls...they really serve no purpose other than to make me happy!

If my iPod would have come in red, I would have bought it. It didn't, so I got green. Never had a red purse...I'm not a change-with-the-outfit kind of girl, so it would not have been practical.

OOOH my bedspread!!

Now I have a red washer and dryer....yay!!!!!  And they sing....which is just icing on the cake.

So...what is YOUR fetish? Share!


trainee writer said...

Red does seem alot more cheerful. I love your washing machine! Do you have any red walls? What colour is your car?

Erin Kellison said...

Love the red. I need a fetish, an eccentric one. Hmmmm.....

trainee writer said...

the above link is interesting.Says red is lucky in china and brides wear red wedding dresses

Sharla Lovelace said...

I need to go to China!! Trainee...I don't have any red walls yet. That's still up for debate. I've had four red cars, but my current one is goldish tan. (next one will be red

Charli Mac said...

Red is my favorite color too! Sister Saint Joan of Arc told me that strumpets wear red in the first grade, maybe that's why, my little defiant streak. I remember writing RED as my favorite color for a project and the ol' nun was not so happy.

I love to wear red. I love using red in accessories to highlight black, grey, and white ensembles. Right now I am looking for a red piece of luggage.

I am super jealous of the washer n dryer, btw. It's on my dream list.

Sharla Lovelace said...

OMG Charli Mac...I have red luggage and completely forgot about it!!! LOL! Got it at Walmart actually, American Tourister.

Dawn Alexander said...

Love all the red stuff. It is one of my favorite colors. When we were first married, we lived in a rent house that every room was painted a different color with no particular theme. The master bed room was floor to ceiling, wall to wall RED. You could see it from the street if the light was on at night.

I'll never forget the night we moved in. I was standing with my Dad taking a break outside. He looked at my bedroom window and said, "Did you forget to tell me you were running a whore house?"

Thanks, Dad.

On the other hand, my mom probably would not step foot in your house because since viewing the special features on the movie The Sixth Sense, she refuses to interact with anything red. I only wish I was kidding.

Ruth said...

I also have a fondness for red, red dishes, red cast iron cookware, red shoes, red clothes , red bags, even when I don't show red outwardly, there is always a little red hidden somewhere

Lorrie Thomson said...

Your cute coffeemaker would be at home in my country kitchen with red and green wainscoting. I've red flowers at my back and front doors, for good luck. And I too just purchased red luggage, but that's because of the set's price, rather than the color. I'm a fan of color in general.